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Restaurant Proef is closed

Proef is a food concept and a restaurant that was started in 2004 in Rotterdam as a design studio for eating design by designer Marije Vogelzang with entrepreneur and owner of De Bakkerswinkel Piet Hekker. In the special collaboration between both the cross-fertilization of creativity and craft was central. In 2006 Proef came to Amsterdam and settled there in the Westerpark, the grounds of the former gasworks. In the subsequent period, Proef transformed into a unique concept with the design work of Marije Vogelzang as a basis for special menus, eating concepts and catering.

From 2011 Proef is a restaurant owned by Piet Hekker. Marije Vogelzang is no longer involved in Proef. She has chosen to focus entirely on the design work.

Proef Amsterdam closes the restaurant on the Gosschalklaan 12 in the Westerpark in Amsterdam on April 1, 2014.

Proef continues with special eating concepts on surprising locations. Follow the activities of Proef on Facebook